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NIAID Infectious Diseases & Inflammatory Disorders Training Program

Tina Wang, PhD

Tian Wang, PhD
Program Director

This innovative research enrichment program combines faculty’s research expertise with unique institutional resources for the hands-on training of medical students. Training is provided by faculty members from the departments of Microbiology & Immunology, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Pathology, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and Surgery. The research theme is centered on infections and inflammation, especially on pathogen detection, regulation of host inflammatory responses, and vaccine/drug development for the control of pathogens and tissue damages. Students will devote full-time (8 weeks) during the summer, having an in-depth exposure to biological concepts and modern biomedical research tools, and will have the opportunity to choose basic, clinical or behavior research projects. The program will match talented medical students with grant-funded research faculty mentors, coupling the daily research experience with research seminars, round-table discussions, and oral/poster presentations. Our students’ publications and poster awards have highlighted the success and impact of this program.  Since 2009, the program has recruited 105 trainees and contributed to 36 publications.  The program has been supported by NIH T35AI0778878 (PI : Lynn Soong for 2008-2013 & 2015-2020; PI: Tian Wang for 2021- 2026). 

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Lynn Soong, MD, PhD
Program Co-director

Program Overview

105 trainees contributed to a total of 36 publications