Instrument Name



High Throughput System

Bio-Rad BioPlex 200 (Multiplex System)

Bead based system, uses 1 laser to detect different sizes of beads

Quantification of up to 100 analytes simultaneously

Yes—96 well Plates

An automated plate washer is available for these assays. See information below.

BD LSRFortessa

  • UV 355nm Laser

  • Violet 405nm Laser

  • Blue 488nm Laser

  • Yellow 561nm Laser

  • Red 640nm Laser

18 color detection plus 2 scatter parameters

  • 2-UV detectors

  • 6-Violet detectors

  • 2-Blue detectors

  • 4-Yellow detectors

  • 3-Red detectors

Yes—96 well Plates

A Bio-Rad Bio-Plex II Plate Washer is available for use free of charge. This instrument is an automated plate washer. The plate washer includes three different adaptors (general plates, magnetic bead plates, and vacuum plates) for various types of plates. Wash buffer for this instrument is not provided by the facility please bring your own. 

BioPlex 200