Consultations can be scheduled with any of the core staff. Please follow the instructions on the scheduling appointments page to schedule an appointment. Consultations are a fee for service and cost $70/hour. We offer a range of consultation services:

Experimental Design

This service can be as brief or as in-depth as you would like. Meaning this could start at the very beginning of your experimental planning. We discuss your overarching scientific question and then start to plan a flow cytometry experiment. We would do all things from helping you design the actual experiment, provide protocols, design the panel to data analysis. Or we can simply just double check that you have everything together and your experimental design makes sense. We can also do anything in the between these options. This will really depend on your needs and experience with flow cytometry.

Panel Design

This service would include designing the fluorochrome choices for the desired panel. Initially, we chat with you about your panel and what you’re hoping to look at. We will discuss your scientific questions so that we also fully understand what you are hoping to accomplish with the flow cytometry experiments. We then start gathering information about the antibody availability and put together different options for your panel. Once we have designed the panel, we will continue to discuss with you what are the next steps to running the panel like titrations and controls.

Data Analysis

This service we will analyze your data with your guidance. We will ask you questions such as, what information were you hoping to get out of this experiment, how would you like your data represented. This will give us a better understanding of what you would like to look at. We will then be able to analyze your data and provide graphs and/or spreadsheets.

FlowJo instruction

FlowJo instruction will be tailored towards your experimental needs. In these sessions we will show the basic skills of FlowJo and how to do some basic analysis. We will point out some different tips and tricks to help you master FlowJo. Unfortunately, like any software it does take practice to become a FlowJo master.

In-Lab Training

This service is great for those labs that have already purchased their own flow cytometer, but need a little bit of guidance. This consultation can cover a variety of different things. For example, a review of the daily, weekly and monthly that needs to be done to keep a flow cytometer in good operating condition. Training or a refresher on the software and how to the properly analyze the data. Experimental design and data analysis, to ensure that the lab is getting the best quality data.