2016 Professionalism Summit and Poster Session

mihalic-angela1Biennially, the UTMB Professionalism Committee hosts a summit to raise awareness about the importance of professionalism.The keynote speaker for the April 8, 2016 summit was Dr. Angela Peterman Mihalic, Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Professor of Pediatrics at UT Soutwestern. Dr. Mihalic presentation was entitled, "Managing a Respectful Intergenerational and Interprofessional Workforce". During the presentation, Dr. Mihalic depicted the environmental influences that have contributed to shaping the silent, baby boomer, gen X and millennial generations.

The summit included a poster session with participation from students, graduate students and faculty.Overall there were eighteen (18) posters for review.Thirteen were from students.The theme for the poster session was. "... to depict a project, research study, innovation program, or other structured experience to improve professionalism or interprofessionalism."The poster,Improvement of Interprofessionalism and Professionalism using Clinical and Educational Experience through Patient Care was submitted by Mohammed I Khan and Micah Billingsley, both graduate students from the School of Health Professions,was selected by the Poster Judges as the winner of the Poster Session. Lauren Abeita, James Mathew and Hayley K Rogers also participated in the project. The students on the Professionalism Committee also had a supersized professionalism button to promote the use of the Professionalism Concern Note process which allows students and employees to anonymously report behaviors that are disruptive. Students were encouraged to submit examples of both professional and unprofessional behaviors that they had witnessed.A copy of Dr. Mihalic's powerpoint presentation will be available soon.Click here for a complete list of all posters and contributors and here to view Dr. Mihalic's presentation.

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Event: 2016 Professionalism Summit and Poster Session
Date & Time: -, 2016
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