Dr. Chuck Mathers Attends Vanderbilt Course re: Professionalism

Charles Mathers 2I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend Promoting Professionalism. Vanderbilt has built of culture of professional accountability though hard work, clearly defined policies, and consistent buy-in from their leadership. UTMB has benefited from this experience by incorporating this training for clinician-leaders and teaching the “Cup of Coffee” conversation. I was struck by a story they told about a new nurse at Vanderbilt who within two weeks of hire, initiated a “Cup of Coffee” conversation with a physician in her group. It is impressive that Vanderbilt’s culture allows employees to feel comfortable initiating these conversations. I am happy that UTMB has taken the issue of professionalism seriously by establishing more consistent policies regarding employee behavior and has the support of leadership to promote professional behavior across the entire health system. Our Professionalism Committee recently modified the UTMB Professionalism Charter to specifically define behaviors that undermine a culture a safety, and attending this program validated this approach to improving the care of our patients and making UTMB a supportive place to work.

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Event: Dr. Chuck Mathers Attends Vanderbilt Course re: Professionalism
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