How to Have a Cup of Coffee Conversation - Faculty Accountability

In collaboration with the Chief Medical Officer and the Chief Physician Executive, the UTMB Professionalism Committee developed a workshop for the Clinical Chairs and Vice Chairs. The training is intended to complement the recently published Faculty Group Practice Guidelines for greater physician accountability.  Drs. Mark Holden and Karen Szauter facilitated the workshop.  Faculty who have attended the actual training at Vanderbilt were invited to assist with the break out sessions.

With permission from the Vanderbilt Center for Patient and Professional Advocacy, principles from Addressing Behaviors that Undermine a Culture of Safety was used to provide the three hour interactive workshop. The training was first offered on September 13, 2016 at Open Gates with a second session planned for November 7th. Using similar content, a condensed version will be offered to UTMB staff, students and faculty after the first of the year.

September 13, 2016

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Event: How to Have a Cup of Coffee Conversation - Faculty Accountability
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