Establishing Transdisciplinary Professionalism for Improving Health Outcomes

As part of a better understanding respect for other health care delivery disciplines, the Office of Interprofessional Education has offered two case studies. Each case study promotes collaboration and respect between the disciplines. The first event entitled "What's the Matter with Warren?" was very meaningful and resulted in three poster submissions during the April 2016 Professionalism Summit. The second poster session, complemented efforts of the UTMB Diversity Council to heighten awareness and understanding for the clinical and emotional needs of the LGBTQ community. The case study, "Transgender" was offered in September 2016.  Melanie Rowen, JD, from the University of California Berkeley School of Law was the key note speaker and provided an overview about, major policies related to transgender healthcare, placing the interest of patients at the center of interprofessional care, and demonstrating high standards of ethical conduct and quality of care in contributing to team-based care.

April 2016 Professionalism Summit Poster Submissions:

2016 Poster by Handy, Ray, Stone, and Heyratifar

2016 Poster by Rowen, Rudkin, Arcari, Shell, Smith and Ashmore

2016 Poster Submission by Huff, Aidunthula, Ibrahin, and Strug

transgender case study flyer

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Event: Establishing Transdisciplinary Professionalism for Improving Health Outcomes
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