The UTMB orthopedic residency is a one year program that is divided into four units. Each unit focuses on regions of the body as detailed in the APTA's 'Description of Residency (DRP)'.

  • Unit 1 the Lower Spine
  • Unit 2 the Lower Quarter
  • Unit 3 the Upper Spine
  • Unit 4 the Upper Quarter

The is also special topics such as regenerative medicine, pain science, nutrition, among other topics integrated into the curriculum.

We also have a focus on manual therapy as our residents will have opportunity to transition into a local fellowship program if they desire to expand their knowledge and skills in this area of practice.

Components of UTMB Residency

mobpicememriebenDuring the program, the resident will be mentored 1:1 by clinical staff of various treatment philosophies. The number of mentoring hours the resident is defined by the ABPTRFE as "150 total hours, with 100 being 1:1 ratio". Additionally, there is 300 hours of didactic content build into the program to supplement the resident in learning based on the DRP.

The resident will also have opportunities to participate in various physician and acute sports injury clinics. Some of the specialties included are: orthopedics, neurosurgery, radiology, and pain services.


Coverage of local high school athletic events. UTMB has partnerships with some local schools, so the residents  can assist our Athletic Trainers and PT faculty in caring for our young athletes!

Participate in Research. Our residency program has a vested interest in expanding our professional knowledge and encourages resident participation in formal research, journal clubs, and integrated reading sessions with faculty members. Research derived from the Residency program has been presented at Combine Sections Meeting for the APTA.


Throughout the program clinical reasoning and treatments skills will be evaluated to determine readiness for sitting for the orthopedic specialty examination (OCS). The goal for residents whom completed the program, is to meet requirements necessary for taking the OCS examination.