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Dear School of SHP and UTMB Communities,

The University of Texas Medical Branch School of Health Professions (SHP) has a long-standing history of excellence and innovation in educating health care professionals for leadership roles in the state, nation, and international arenas. We also are famous for our strong research enterprise success. With this auspicious success in the areas of education and research, we turn to the future and ask “How can UTMB SHP prepare health care professionals for the future in terms of making major impacts on patient care and community support?"

Within this context, we present our Strategic Plan focused on "Advancing Health Professions." Our RISES Initiatives were designed by leadership, faculty, and staff, with input from the UTMB Community, with the goal of focusing our future efforts toward achieving our mission and goals in a highly effective manner. This document serves as a planning tool, not to be mistaken for a strict road map. With this guiding document, UTMB SHP aims to lead the advancement of health care professional fields in the areas of education, research, community service with diverse constituents, and health care practice. We invite you to join us - whether you be a future student, potential collaborator/community partner, or future faculty/staff member. We are looking for greater opportunities ahead!

David Brown

David A. Brown, PT, PhD, FAPTA
Senior Vice President and
Dean, School of Health Professions

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The RISES Initiative

Guided by our RISES initiative, the UTMB School of Health Professionals will focus on the following strategic priorities for the 2021–2026 period: Research Activity, Influence & Impact, Student Success & Preparedness, Experiences in Clinical Settings, and Strategic Capacity & Transformation.

Research Activity

Capitalize on the strength of our scholarly activities to improve healthcare education, knowledge, and practice.

Influence & Impact

Forge strong programs and partnerships that increase the visibility and influence of the School of Health Professions.

Student Success & Preparedness

Prepare our graduates through innovative academic offerings, interprofessional education, and holistic community experiences.

Experiences in Clinical Settings

Advance our mission and vision through expanded clinical experience opportunities for our faculty to engage in.

Strategic Capacity & Transformation

Create a work environment that embraces workforce diversity, organizational development and lifelong learning.

Key performance indicators are measurable values that demonstrate how effectively an institution is achieving its long-term strategic goals.

These metrics are used to determine an organization’s progress in achieving its strategic and operational goals, and also to compare finances and performance against other institutions within its industry.

  • Recruitment and retention of students, faculty and staff
  • Pass rates in field-specific national certification exams
  • Satisfaction ratings and evaluations from students, faculty and staff
  • Recognition of faculty and staff accolades
  • Faculty publications, research funding and scholarly productivity
  • Community, regional, state and national partnerships and collaborations
  • National and global rankings of academic programs
  • Fundraising, development and alumni engagement
Professor points to the clavicle bone on a skeleton in front of several students.

SHP Academic Programs

We offer certifications, bachelor's, master's and doctoral health profession programs. In addition to classroom lectures, lab experiences, and clinical skills competencies, our programs offer clinical training opportunities in a variety of settings to ensure our students have exposure to a diversity of professional opportunities.

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Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Clinical laboratory graduates become an integral part of healthcare team by performing, managing, and interpreting laboratory tests.

Health Professions

For practitioners currently working in health care, this advanced degree opens up opportunities for leadership as healthcare managers or executives within their organizations.

Nutrition & Metabolism

Graduates of the Metabolism MS/ DI program are trained to become credentialed registered dietitian nutritionists. Students receive in-class, online, and hands on training opportunities in a variety of settings.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists evaluate, analyze, and provide interventions to individuals and communities to develop, restore, adapt, and maintain function necessary to participate in meaningful occupations and optimize quality of life.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy graduates are movement experts that examine and treat persons of all ages to improve their ability to move, reduce or manage pain, restore function, prevent disability, and improve health.

Rehabilitation Sciences

Rehabilitation Science is an interdisciplinary field that focuses on human function and disability, enhancing physical, psychosocial functioning and overall quality of life.

Respiratory Care

Respiratory therapists are specialized healthcare practitioners that have training and expertise in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of cardiopulmonary diseases.

Aerial view of students learning how to give proper chest compressions on a dummy.

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UTMB SHP Mission

The mission of the School of Health Professions (SHP) is to provide and promote quality education, research, and service in an environment that fosters collaboration and mutual respect. The School of Health Professions envisions a school that provides quality education in the health professions and encourages innovation.

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