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March 2022
Amber Armstead

Raj Rajendran
Assistant Professor of Instruction
Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences

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Dr. Raj Rajendran is an Assistant Professor of Instruction in the department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences and division of pathology working primarily as an instructor teaching CLS students, residents and other healthcare professionals in on-campus and distance learning environments. Dr. Rajendran has been involved in CLS student education of all levels (undergraduate, graduate and doctoral) for the past 10 years and have extensive clinical and technical laboratory work experience as a Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS), specializing in microbiology and serology testing. Clinically, Dr. Rajendran collaborates with pathologists and residents in interprofessional teams such as autoimmune diagnostic management teams (ANA DMT) and COVID-10 DMT to improve laboratory test utilization and prevention/reduction of diagnostic errors.

Currently, Dr. Rajendran is focused on research involving identifying clinician’s laboratory test ordering behavior and laboratory test utilization in areas such as Systemic Autoimmune Rheumatic Disorders (SARDs), autoimmune hepatitis, anti-GBM disease and pharmacogenomics. He is also mentoring graduate/doctoral students interested in the interventions provided by DCLS students in interprofessional teams such as DMTs and the unnecessary treatment of asymptomatic bacteriuria in pregnant patient populations. Dr. Rajendran is most passionate about teaching and hopes to improve patient outcomes through dissemination of up-to-date laboratory interventions and test utilization guidelines for students and healthcare professionals.

Dr. Raj Rajendran addressing conference guests in front of his poster

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