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The UTMB School of Health Professions is a pioneering place. The oldest school of its kind in the South and Southwest, established in 1968, the school has done much to populate our state with the clinical professionals vital to the health and well-being of its citizens. The more than 12,000 graduates who have passed through the school's doors have filled communities across the state with their expertise.

Today, the school is home to six academic departments (Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Health Professions, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Nutrition and Metabolism and Respiratory Care) and one division (Rehabilitation Sciences). Those students are guided by 55 full-time faculty and 23 part-time clinical faculty.

Currently, approximately 25% of our students receive scholarships. Our goal is to double that number, building our base of endowments to award scholarships to half our students.

By creating new scholarship endowments, UTMB friends and alumni can make a powerful investment in health career's future.

A Growing State, A Growing Challenge

At this critical juncture in health care in Texas, we are striving to produce even more graduates to serve a growing state. So we turn to all those who share a kinship with the School of Health Professions: the thousands of alumni who have gotten their start in our programs, the leaders in the many communities who depend on our exceptional graduates, the organizations who embrace our commitment to the future of health care. We invite your support for the school's students, knowing that your philanthropic engagement is truly an investment in better health and better health care for Texas.

What Scholarships Make Possible

Scholarships established by the school's benefactors serve as both a reward and an incentive for academic achievement. Scholarships also respond to students' financial needs, helping ensure that monetary concerns are no barrier to a health professions education.

Brandon Phung"Being a scholarship recipient means that not only have I been able to prove my academic accomplishments to myself and my family, but that I also have generous donors who support and believe in my craft as a student and future practitioner. After graduation, I plan to practice occupational therapy in Texas, where I can contribute to the community that has been supportive of me and my endeavors throughout my life."

Brandon S. Phung
Occupational Therapy Student
Seger, MD Presidential Scholar

Scholarship Criteria

A scholarship can take many shapes. It can be:

  • An incentive for academic achievement, recognizing some of our finest health professions students
  • A response to our students' financial needs
  • A tool to recognize students committed to volunteerism and community service
  • A source of support for students from a particular area

Scholarship Endowments and Their Impact

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EndowmentIncome*FactsWould cover...
$10,000$450Minimum required to endow a scholarshipPartial support for a semester's books for most SHP degree programs
$50,000$2,250At this level and above, known as a Presidential ScholarshipNearly half of a Clinical Laboratory Sciences student's tuition and fees for a semester
$100,000$4,500Also known as a Presidential ScholarshipMost of an Occupational Therapy student's tuition and fees for a semester
$100,000$4,500Also known as a Presidential ScholarshipMost of an Occupational Therapy student's tuition and fees for a semester
$250,000$11,250Also known as a Presidential ScholarshipA Respiratory Care student's tuition and fees, books and travel
$500,000$22,500Among our most prestigious awards, also known as a Presidential ScholarshipA first year Physical Therapy student's annual tuition and fees, with $6,150 left over for books, computer, travel, and living expenses

* The estimated portion of the endowment income available to support the scholarship. Remaining income is reinvested in the principal as a hedge against inflation and a tool for growth.

"We have major plans for investing in the future of health care through our faculty and students who will be innovating and delivering cutting-edge services to the state of Texas and globally.

Pursuing a career in the health professions should not be restricted to only those who, through good fortune, have the resources to pay the increasingly high costs of a professional education. Scholarships are a significant priority in our fundraising efforts to provide an opportunity to students to pursue study without incurring the debt of loan programs."

David Brown, PT, PhD, FAPTA
Senior Vice President and Dean
School of Health Professions

Did You Know?

In 2018, we granted 374 degrees; 85% of alumni practice in Texas.

First clinical residency in neurologic physical therapy in Texas; one of seven nationwide.

Doctoral program in clinical laboratory sciences is the second of its kind in the U.S.

Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy are ranked among the nation's best by U.S. News & World Report.

Ranked 12th nationally in National Institutes of Health research support.

Want More Info?

Would you like to speak with someone to find out more information regarding scholarships, endowments, memorials, and other gifts to the School of Health Professions?

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