Education Resources

Addressing tomorrow’s health challenges requires a workforce that understands the complexities of responding to emerging special pathogens. SPECTRE collaborates with frontline clinical care providers, emergency management services, infection prevention specialists, and biosafety experts to create a repository of quality educational materials. Our library of materials includes outreach education, train the trainer activities, and principles of biosafety. Working alongside the UTMB Biocontainment Care Unit (BCU) leadership, the SPECTRE education program utilizes hands-on and simulated training, virtual reality technology, and online modules to promote confidence and proficiency in providing quality patient care for individuals infected and affected by emerging special pathogens. We collaborate with the National Emerging Special Pathogens Training and Education Center (NETEC) to distribute educational offerings produced by NETEC, Regional Emerging Special Pathogens Treatment Centers (RESPTCs), and other partners including CDC and NIH.

As our regional network expands, we look forward to partnering with other Special Pathogens Treatment Units, academic institutions, frontline providers, and public health entities to respond to expressed needs and complement existing resources.

Matthew Dacso, MD, MSc, FACP
Education Lead, SPECTRE

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