Taking Our Best Shot

"Taking Our Best Shot" is a UTMB student-led initiative that aims to decrease misinformation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and increase scientific trust and uptake of public health practices in Galveston County. This is an interprofessional project with students, faculty, and staff from the UTMB Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, School of Medicine, and School of Public and Population Health. Through partnerships with external community members, UTMB students engaged high school students in developing educational materials. UTMB student activities included the following:

  1. Created “Tips for Teens on COIVD-19” in English and Spanish and disseminated at various locations across Galveston
  2. Solicited COVID-19-related questions from local high school students on topics, such as vaccines, boosters, masks, virology and immunity, medical professionals, science and public health, myths, and local, national, and international statistics. Responses to questions from UTMB medical professionals and researchers were included in a Q&A booklet, which were disseminated electronically and through hard copy booklets
  3. Initiated a competition in which high school students created COVID-19 related infographics for their peers. UTMB students created an infographic judging rubric and recruited knowledgeable judges. Infographics were shared through social media
  4. Installed two digital advertisements promoting the COVID-19 vaccines in the broader community
  5. Created a Facebook page and Instagram (@takingourbestshot) to disseminate information

Throughout this initiative, UTMB students have worked closely and collaboratively with community partners to help guide and sustain the initiative.

People's Choice and Scientific Content - 1st Place
Daniela Munoz

People's Choice Award - 2nd place
Normandy Ashton

People's Choice Award - 3rd Place
Sophia Grasso

Scientific Content - Honorable Mention #1
Daniela Munoz

Scientific Content - Honorable Mention #3
Makensie Markovich

Scientific Content - Honorable Mention #2
Taylor Ferreria