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Division of Urology — Research

Research Opportunities

The program is supplemented by the opportunity for scholarly activities and research. Residents are encouraged to plan projects and to arrange collaborations with other disciplines in the UTMB area. Current projects in the various urology laboratories of the program include research work in population-based outcomes in urologic oncology and in particular prostate and bladder cancer. This is balanced with opportunities to engage in basic science research in tumor immunology, molecular biology and oncogenes, novel combination chemotherapeutic approaches, tumor metastases, and infectious related diseases. This experience affords the resident an opportunity to write scientific papers and to present data at national and international meetings.

Urology facultyRich Environment of Active Research

Recognition of the need for a personalized approach to medicine has long been a focus of the Department of Surgery and Division of Urology initiatives. The impact of treatment-related morbidity and the burden of urologic diseases on national healthcare expenditures mandate improved ability to select patients for appropriate treatments and to predict outcomes. Evaluation of healthcare outcomes and comparative treatment efficacies is a key component of our healthcare outcomes, policy initiatives and an intense area of research focus for the division.

Health Services Research

Faculty within the Division of Urology actively engage in multi-disciplinary investigation to improve the quality and value of health care delivered to patients with benign and malignant urologic disease. Faculty within the Division continue to lead landmark studies characterizing the downstream effects of bladder cancer and its treatment. Furthermore, ongoing research within the Division seeks to bridge the gap between health services research and quality improvement to optimize care delivered to patients at UTMB and across the United States.