Sitefinity: Blogs

In Sitefinity, "Blog posts" is one of the out-of-box content data types. Blogs and blog posts are managed in the Sitefinity at /Sitefinity/Content/Blogs. Blog posts are then added to the page using the drag-and-drop Blog posts widget found in the Content section of the page editor toolbox. 

Below are various layout templates for the Blog posts widget component.

Blogs - Blog Post List

Full content is shown here with a limit of three (3) posts and pagination enabled.

Posts List: Default

Posts List: Divider

CSS Classes: blog-post-item-divider

Posts List: Card

CSS Classes: blog-post-item-card

Posts List: Card (W/ Grid)

CSS Classes: blog-post-item-card list-col-sm-6

Posts List: Card (W/ Grid + Masonry)

CSS Classes: blog-post-item-card list-col-sm-6 list-masonry

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