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  • Web Content Security Update Requires Your Attention

    UTMB is applying a Content Security Policy (CSP) to public-facing pages in the domain and subdomains. Use of a CSP enables an organization to specify which external resources, images, and scripts are allowed to run on a webpage.

Release Notes for Sitefinity and UTMB Web

Updates, upgrades, and enhancements for the UTMB Sitefinity Web CMS.

Known Issues for Sitefinity and UTMB Web

Known issues for widgets, styles, accessibility, etc. for the UTMB Web & Sitefinity CMS.

Sitefinity Tips and Tricks

Tips & Tricks for using the Sitefinity CMS.

  • Using a Good Modern Browser like Chrome and Firefox

    Choosing the right web browser is crucial for a secure, fast, and enjoyable online experience. Modern browsers like Chrome and Firefox offer significant advantages over outdated or less versatile browsers like Internet Explorer, Edge, or Safari.

  • Lists, Blogs, and Events, oh my! When do I use them?

    The Sitefinity content management system offers various modules to help manage different types of content effectively. Each module is designed to handle specific types of content and interactions, helping you manage your website content more efficiently based on your needs. Here's an explanation of when to use the Lists, Blogs, and Events modules in Sitefinity

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