AAA - Color contrast does not meet enhanced requirement - Known Accessibility Issue

Description: There is insufficient color contrast between the text and background on this page to meet the enhanced contrast requirement.

UTMB Issue: Our current color palette met AAA conformance standards when it was last updated. In May 2023, WGAG 2.2 updated the contrast ratio AAA conformance standards which has caused our brand colors to not meet AAA compliance. 

What to do: If you are using the current UTMB Brand hex colors and/or class names, please continue to do so. We will eventually review our color palette again and update the color classes globally. We can also do a global search and find these specific hex colors to communicate the need to update or assist updating them on your website. If your site is not currently using these hex colors or classes, please switch to them ASAP, as they do pass AA contrast tests. 

Learn more: Text and background colors that conflict or have too little contrast between each other can cause readability issues for users who are color-blind or have low vision (vision loss equivalent to approx. 20/80 vision). To meet the WCAG contrast requirement, you should have a contrast ratio of 7:1 for normal text, and 4.5:1 for large text (18pt and above, or 14pt bold).