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Video is a powerful medium, and with the rise of smartphones, there’s a video camera in almost every pocket or purse.

At UTMB, there are standards and guidelines that apply to video projects, just as there are for web and print. The standards amplify the use of our logo, color palette, and typography, and address several issues specific to video.

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Video Standards and Practices

Video Standards and Practices

High Definition
Whenever possible, capture all footage at 720p or 1080i resolution.
When using handheld camcorders (cameras without shoulder mounts) use a tripod as much as possible.
External microphones should be used to record the highest quality audio possible.
Even when utilizing ambient light, be sure that the subject is sufficiently illuminated and can be clearly recognized.
Refrain from using staged or stock photos as b-roll. Using images/video of UTMB experts and professionals is preferred. Our experts should appear friendly, engaging and knowledgeable.

Video Branding

If you are going to begin your video with a title, make sure the clip contains our logo and that it complies with all branding standards.
All lower-thirds should have the UTMB Health logo, the subject’s name and title. Minion Pro is the preferred font for the subject’s name and Helvetica Neue (condensed bold) is preferred for the title. Be sure that logo use complies with identity standards.

Lower Thirds
Exception: The UTMB Health logo should not be used in the lower- third if it is already prominent mise-en-scène. This does not included logos on white coats, ID badges or apparel.
Green Screen
Producer’s discretion. However, if the UTMB Health logo is used, be sure to comply with identity standards. Using recognizable UTMB landmarks or buildings is preferred.
End Credits
Always include a call-to-action combined with the UTMB Health tagline.
Make sure all fonts and logos comply with identity standards.


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Web Accessibility (a11y)

As a place of healing, health education and scientific discovery, the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB Health) has a responsibility to ensure that the content it offers online can be accessed by all users.

UTMB is committed to providing online digital information in a fashion that meets the needs of interested individuals without regard to physical or technical limitations. 

Visit our Web Accessibility webpage to learn more.