Sitefinity: Navigation Menus

Site navigation is a key factor in effective web design. We offer a wide variety of navigation menu widget options in addition to the core site navigation which comes standard with your UTMB Sitefinity site. You can easily customize the depth of nested links along with various design details specific to each menu option.

Navigation: Breadcrumbs

The breadcrumbs navigation layout template.

Breadcrumbs: Default

Navigation: Horizontal

The horizontal navigation layout template.

Horizontal: Bar (Default)

Horizontal: Centered Navigation Menu

CSS Classes: nav-center

Horizontal: Pills

CSS Classes: nav-pills

Horizontal: Mini & Large

CSS Classes: nav-mini  nav-large 

Navigation: Sidebar Menu

The vertical sidebar navigation layout template w/ preferred layout styling.

Sidebar: Site Navigation Menu (Default)

Navigation: Vertical

The vertical navigation layout template.

Vertical: List (Default)

Vertical: Accordion

CSS Classes: nav-accordion

Navigation: Tabs

The tabs navigation layout template.

Tabs: Buttons (Default)

Tabs: Modern

CSS Classes: tabs-modern

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Navigation: UTMB Institutional Navigation

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