The UTMB Tool to shorten UTMB web links

Mini URL site screenshot

What is Mini URL?

“Mini-URL” is a web-based service that takes long web links (URLs) and compresses them into fewer characters, to make a link that is easier to share on social media, in text messaging, email, presentations and publications.

The tool is branded with the UTMB name and will be familiar to anyone who has used similar commercial services. UTMB’s Mini-URL tool should only be used for university business. 

To help prevent abuse or misuse, the tool is on UTMB’s intranet and users are required to log in with their UTMB credentials. Any URL can be shortened, including Sharepoint links, video streams, intranet pages and external web pages. If a link is behind the firewall or requires authentication for access, the shortened version of the URL will carry the same restrictions.

Best Practices:

When to shorten

  • When sharing a long or cumbersome link in a way that cannot be clicked by the end user, like on printed materials, signs, presentations, etc.
  • When sharing a long or cumbersome link in an area with a limited character count like social media

When NOT to shorten

  • When your link is already short (ie: or
  • When you are not sharing the link in any way other than a link on a website or in a manner that can be clicked by the end user. In this case, create hyperlinks like this

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