Sitefinity application upgrade to version 14.4

The Sitefinity application upgrade to version 14.4 will bring a few changes:

  • Modernization throughout the platform with distraction free mode as we have seen in pages, blogs, etc. with a more open, full-screen view. Affected areas:
    • Form Builder
    • Templates
    • Events
    • Example of content editing in templates, old vs new:
      view of old content editor 
      view of new content editing widow
  • Side Navigation in the back-end for News, Blogs, Events and other modules to guide users through the different sections in the module.
    view of the side navigation in the module
  • Forms Builder
    • Modernized to match pages with distraction free mode
    • Settings for the form submissions are now in the title & properties option under the 3 dots (…) before clicking on the form title, as opposed to being in the side-bar after entering the form to make edits.
    • Known issues:
      • On a Mac, the columns are not rendering in the back-end, we will work with the vendor to get this resolved, no need to rebuild at this time
      • Some styles (required fields, spacing, etc.) are not translating to the new layout of the form layout, those should be fixed the day after the upgrade
    • Example of new form settings:
      view of form settings
  • Event Calendar
    • Some accessibility issues have been addressed 
  • Alert Tab location change
    • As part of this update, the location and appearance of the current “Alerts” tab will be moved to the top navigation and cease to be pinned to the sidebar. Clicking on the Alert navigation tab will take a user directly to the Alert site. The change supports better ADA accessibility.
      image of old view
      image of navigation with new button