v4.1.7.1 Update: News widget classes addition and expandable list nested link formatting

Release Date: 2023-10-18

1. News Update:

Widget class handling added to News widgets: meta-hide, date-hide, author-hide.

Widgets Affected:

  • News/Detail.DetailPage.cshtml
  • News/List.NewsList.cshtml
  • News/List.NewsTitleDate.cshtml
  • News/List.NewsTitleDateFullContent.cshtml
  • News/List.NewsTitleDateSummary.cshtml
  • News/List.NewsTitleOnly.cshtml

CSS Classes Added:

  • meta-hide
  • date-hide
  • author-hide

2. Expandable List Update:

Removed unwanted extra inherited padding on nested list hyperlinks in the Expandable List widget content.

Widgets Affected:

  • Lists/List.ExpandableList.cshtml