Sitefinity How-tosLearn how to log into Sitefinity and adjust site settings

Logging in

How to

  • How to log into Sitefinity
    1. Go to your department's Sitefinity website or the UTMB Home page.
    2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the UTMB Web login links
      • If your site is a public site, you will click the WWW Login link
      • If your site is an intranet site, you will click the Intranet Login link
        screenshot of Sitefinity login links
    3. Log in using your UTMB user ID and password
      screenshot of Sitefinity log in screen
  • How to switch sites
    1. After you have logged in, you will see the default site name that you have access to in the upper left-hand corner. This means that you are now in the back-end of the website where you can edit the web content.
      Screenshot of website name
    2. If you have access to multiple sites, you will be able to switch sites by clicking the down arrow next to the site name.
      screenshot of site down arrow
    3. If you need access to a site, please have the site owner request access for you by emailing UTMBSitefinityManagement@UTMB.EDU

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Site Settings

How to

  • Access to site settings

    Click the Administration navigation menu item and then select UTMB Site Settings. If you are a content author, you will not have access to the site settings.
    screenshot of site settings in the navigation

  • Site Settings
    1. Use the Site Details tab to edit the following:
      • Site title
      • Header title: this will display in the upper-left-hand corner of the site
      • Header subtitle: this will display directly to the right of the header title
      • Site ownership contact information
        screenshot of site details
    2. Use the Layout / Design tab to edit the following:
      • Design mode
        • Modern: this allows you to use the full width of the screen as a canvas for design and the main navigation will display on the top of the page linear to the UTMB logo. Only the pages or templates that are based on the "_UTMBWeb_4x_Hybrid" template will be displayed in modern design mode. Please email UTMBSitefinityManagement@UTMB.EDU to request for the 4x template to be added to your site to use this design mode. 
          example of modern layout navigation
        • Classic: this reduces the width of the content area to 1400px and the main navigation will display on the left side of the page under the UTMB logo.
      • Theme
        • UTMB light header: the header will have a white background
          example of light header
        • UTMB dark header: the header will have a dark gray background
          screenshot of the dark header

        • screenshot of layout / design tab
    3. Use the Navigation Menus tab to edit the following:
      • Use Navigate Menu?: Check or uncheck to display the navigation for your site.
      • Navigate Menu Theme: Depending on whether your site is Modern or Classic design mode, you will be able to adjust the menu theme templates.
      • Menu Levels / Tiers: This displays the levels of pages that are nested under parent pages. There is a maximum of 5 tiers.
      • Use Explore Menu?: Check or uncheck to display the institutional navigation.
      • Use Search Menu?: Check or uncheck to display the search function. This will search all UTMB sites.
      • Use Mobile Menu?: Check or uncheck to display the mobile menu when the site is accessed on a small screen.
        screenshot of site navigation settings

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