Non-Sitefinity Web Applications

Web Authoring @ UTMB Health

Helpful information for those building UTMB Health websites and applications outside of the Sitefinity Web Content Management System.

There are a lot of ways to build the web. Regardless of the approach taken and/or vendor solution purchased, the continuity of UTMB's brand should be considered a priority across all websites and application types.

We're hoping to help assist you with some of the sticking points here. This information is currently being fully developed, so keep checking back as things are beginning to get interesting around here.

Vendor Software Applications

Branding an out-of-box (vendor) application is not always easy or even possible, but when possible, UTMB's web brand guidelines should be followed closely.

In-House Web Applications

Our official approach to supporting new custom, one-off, standalone web application templates is currently under review. For now, please adhere to all provided UTMB web brand guidelines.

Old UTMB Web Template Support

There have been a variety of solutions offered up over the years to help UTMB publish content on the web. Many variations of UTMB web templates evolved right along with the advancements in mobile devices and web-based technology.

In a continued effort to serve the greater good and look forward towards the future, we have retired several offerings of old, now deprecated web templates and their respective online documentation. Our official stance on whether to provide template documentation for deprecated (unsupported) web templates is still under review.  

If you need specific design support for old UTMB web templates, such as the "Legacy" or "MegaSticky" Classic ASP/.NET templates, please contact Mike Cooper in Marketing and Communications.

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