Digital Accessibility (DA Start)

Overview - Be a Digital Ally

Each of us has a role in making content as accessible as possible. This site has been created as a training and reference site to educate the UTMB community about mandated accessibility requirements and the steps we can each take to best serve our various audiences.

Accessibility is a broad topic. Our approach focuses initially on sharing best practices for the most commonly used applications -- Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word -- and will extend to other applications and needs over time. "Playbooks" for roles and applications provide tailored instructions. The good news is that as you become familiar with digital accessibility requirements and solutions, you'll find they often apply across applications.

Review quarterly

Just like security, digital accessibility requirements will evolve; especially as software and technology continue to develop.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Getting Started

All of us create digital content and need to learn the basics of digital accessibility in the Content Creator Playbook.

Note: If you work in specialized role such as an Application Developer, Programmer, Video Creator, Purchasing, etc., you should use the playbook designed for your role as they provide content designed for your responsibilities.

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