Web Page Playbook


Web page layout and and components are important in creating and accessible experience for all users.  Ensuring these considerations are used in page design phase will reduce fix time and help create the most accessible experience for all users.

Review quarterly

Just like security, digital accessibility requirements will evolve as software and technology develop.

UTMB Best Practices:

Key to creating accessible pages:

Landmarks and Structure


  • Set the language of the page so the screen reader will correctly pronounce the words
  • For example, for English use <html lang="en-US">
  • Sitefinity pages will have this automatically


Skip Links

  • Use the UTMB standard skip links at the top of the page
  • If there is more than one skip link it should coded as an HTML list
  • Sitefinity pages will have this automatically


Visual Design

  • Brand colors and contrast
  • Accessible layout

Page Content

  • Should be succinct and easy to navigate
  • Quickly get the users to the desired information
  • Have a limited number of links (aim for under 40)
  • Use native HTML whenever possible
  • Follow basic accessibility rules
    • Plain language
    • Meaningful link text
    • Have a consistent navigation
    • Easy to read text (color contrast, fonts, and styles)
    • Images should have alt text

WCAG: Related Guidelines

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