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Be an digital ally: create accessible content

We can all create accessible digital content by using plain language, readable fonts and colors, and using tools like accessibility checkers to proof our content before sharing it. In the same way that we use spell check features so our email and documents are free from spelling errors, we can use accessibility checkers to minimize accessibility errors in our content. Learn the plays below and commit to making content that is accessible to everyone.

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Just like security, digital accessibility requirements will evolve; especially as software and technology continue to develop.

Digital Accessibility Plays: Instructions for all roles

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Recommended Training: from Level Access

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Step 2: Take each course to learn the basics of digital accessibility.
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Step 3: Take Content Designer-specific courses: (coming soon)

Power Playbooks: Advanced playbooks for your specific role

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Related Accessibility Training: From UTMB Partners

Note: Some Percipio training may be outdated

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Content last updated: 6/17/2024

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