The Academy of Master Clinicians (AMC) at UTMB Health

Excellence in clinical care is one of the major missions, priorities, and strategic plan of UTMB. Our exceptional and gifted clinicians are leaders and innovators in their fields and specialties across clinical departments. With changing healthcare policies and regulatory pressures at the regional and national levels, there are surmounting challenges in maintaining excellence in clinical care. Newer innovative strategies are direly needed toward maintaining patient-centric care and developing clinical leaders for the future. At UTMB, we are grateful to our outstanding clinicians who consistently epitomize the highest standards of clinical care to our patients with skill, expertise, experience, compassion, and efficiency. A new program, The Academy of Master Clinicians (AMC) supported by institutional funding was inaugurated in 2014 as a major initiative to recognize and celebrate the contributions of our clinicians while simultaneously strengthening our commitment toward providing leadership in patient care for the future.

Mission Statement


The AMC recognizes and promotes distinction in all clinical domains by fostering excellence in patient-centric care, with a commitment to developing future leaders through the tenets of the art of healing, empathy, education, scientific rigor, professionalism, mentorship and collaborative team work.

  • Demonstrating and exemplifying the highest levels of ethics and professionalism
  • Demonstrating attributes (trust, accountability, and stewardship) of a supportive and collaborative team player
  • Providing superior care to all patients (safe, effective, patient-centered, culturally congruent, timely, efficient, and evidence-based) in an equitable manner without favor or prejudice and being a strong patient advocate
  • Demonstrating compassion and empathy toward patients and their families
  • Elevating the performance of colleagues, coworkers, and trainees through education, role-modeling, and mentoring
  • Striving for continuing quality improvement and outcomes as measured by standard benchmarks


Membership in the Academy of Master Clinicians will be the highest clinical recognition and honor for UTMB clinicians, and is a commitment to leadership in exceptional patient care.



The Academy of Master Clinicians is proud to announce its Clinician of the Month for September 2017:

Issam A. Alawin, MD

Issam A. Alawin, MD
Assistant Professor
Department of Internal Medicine

Dr. Alawin did his fellowship training at UTMB in the area of Medical Oncology. He transitioned to Assistant Professor in the same division and has been instrumental in providing high quality care to the oncology patients. Dr. Alawin is also a key member of the breast cancer team and has excellent coordination of care among the multiple disciplines. His communication skills provide a model of what we aspire to achieve. He volunteers his time at the Resource and Crisis Center in Galveston County. It has also been noted that he extends himself beyond traditional care of the patient by providing taxi fare when needed. Dr. Alawin has been recognized by his peers with the award "The Doctors Doctor".

Past Clinicians