Criteria for Recognition

The AMC at UTMB will honor those clinicians who are recognized as consistently outstanding in this domain. Election to the AMC is envisioned to be the highest honor that is bestowed upon a clinician at UTMB. While providing excellent patient-centric clinical care, a Master Clinician will be distinguished and recognized by:

Criteria Image
  • Demonstrating superior depth of knowledge in the clinical field and pursuit of new clinical knowledge and innovative methods and strategies
  • Striving to raise healthcare standards in the communities we serve
  • Exhibiting excellence in judgment, integrity, interpersonal working relationships with colleagues and communication skills with patients and their families
  • Demonstrating and exemplifying the highest levels of ethics and professionalism
  • Demonstrating attributes (trust, accountability, agency, and stewardship) of a supportive and collaborative team player
  • Providing superior care to all patients (safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient, and evidence-based) in an equitable manner without favor or prejudice and being a strong patient advocate
  • Demonstrating compassion and empathy toward patients and their families
  • Elevating the performance of colleagues, coworkers, and trainees through education, role-modeling, and mentoring
  • Striving for continuing quality improvement and outcomes as measured by standard benchmarks