Lifetime Achievement Award


The Academy of Master Clinicians (AMC) honors and recognizes clinicians who have 20 or more years of clinical service (with most of that time at UTMB) or who have significant identification with UTMB, and have provided outstanding clinical care over the years of their career by annually awarding the AMC Lifetime Achievement Award.  

  • Faculty recipients of the AMC Lifetime Achievement Award  will be granted  Honorary Membership in the AMC.
  • Honorary Membership in the AMC allows the privileges of regular membership; however, honorary members are exempt from regular AMC service requirements and responsibilities.


  1. Submit a CV
  2. Their clinical work should have significant identity with UTMB
  3. Have 20 or more years of clinical practice 
  4. No self-nominations 
  5. Letters from within and/or outside of UTMB attesting to their outstanding clinical care with examples

For more information contact:

Rotesha Buckley
(409) 266-6084