Call for Nominations:

The AMC recognizes and promotes distinction in all clinical domains by fostering excellence in patient-centric care, with a commitment to developing future leaders through the tenets of the art of healing, empathy, education, scientific rigor, professionalism, mentorship and collaborative team work.

The successful candidates will be chosen for demonstrating and exemplifying the highest levels of ethics and professionalism; demonstrating superior depth of knowledge in the clinical field and pursuit of new clinical knowledge and innovative methods and strategies; striving to raise healthcare standards in the communities we serve; demonstrating attributes (trust, accountability, and stewardship) of a supportive and collaborative team player, providing superior care to all patients (safe, effective, patient-centered, culturally congruent, timely, efficient, and evidence based) in an equitable manner without favor or prejudice and being a strong patient advocate; demonstrating compassion and empathy toward patients and their families; elevating the performance of colleagues, coworkers and trainees through education, role-modeling, and mentoring; and striving for continuing quality improvement and outcomes as measured by standard benchmarks.

Nominations may be made by UTMB students, faculty, and staff. Self-nominations are also allowed.

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The deadline for nominations is 5:00 p.m. on Friday, June 14, 2019.

Packets may be submitted via email to: 


The Academy of Master Clinicians is proud to announce its Clinician of the Month for April 2019:

photo of Anna Rotkiewicz, MD

Anna Rotkiewicz, MD
Assistant Professor, Department of Internal Medicine

Please join the Academy of Master Clinicians in congratulating Dr. Rotkiewicz
on this recognition
of outstanding service, commitment, and professionalism.

Excerpt from nomination letter:

"In sum, Dr. Rotkiewicz shows exceptional patient care skills, outstanding service, and commitment to best care in her day-to-day work. She is thus richly deserving of the clinician of the month award. She is highly committed to healing, empathy, education, professionalism, mentorship and collaborative teamwork. I am pleased to give her my highest support for the award."

Past Clinicians

Fall Academies Collaborative Event

Congratulations to the University of Texas Medical Branch
Academy of Master Clinicians
2018 Inductees

Megan Berman, MD, FACP
Barbara J. Bryant, MD, FCAP, FASP
Perry Fulcher, MD
Syed Kazmi, MD, MPH/TM, FAAP
Erica Kelly, MD
Lindsay Sonstein, MD