AMT Faculty Member

Amjad Hossain, PhD, MS Professor
Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Dr. Amjad Hossain is a Professor of Ob/Gyn employed at UTMB since 2005. He is serving UTMB’s Clinical and Teaching missions concomitantly since he joined the institution. He brought considerable clinical and teaching experiences to UTMB through his service at several medical schools before joining UTMB. Dr. Hossain completed his PhD at Kent State University Ohio, Masters at University of Waterloo Canada, and undergraduate studies in Bangladesh. He has numerous clinical and teaching trainings and certifications from nationally recognized institutions, programs, and professional societies (documented in CV) which have galvanized his skills. His 2-year training leading to certification as Scholars in Education (SiE) at UTMB exposed him to multiple components of predicted future medical education.

When he joined UTMB (2005), the Ob/Gyn department had a vibrant REI fellowship and IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) program in addition to its residency training. Thus, from the very beginning, he was heavily involved with teaching medical students, residents, and fellows in addition to his clinical responsibilities as IVF laboratory director. From 2014, he has been engaged primarily with UTMB’s teaching mission, which has increased and diversified his educational responsibilities. His teaching duties crossed departmental (Ob/Gyn) boundaries and spread to other UTMB programs like SOM (school of medicine), GSBS (graduate school of biomedical sciences), PA (Physician Assistant), SHP (school of health professionals) and JAMP (joint admission medical program). At SOM, his teaching covers all 10 preclinical courses as a PBL facilitator. SOM teaching also covers Ob/Gyn clerkship teaching and faculty for ICEE for 4th-year medical students. In addition to teaching, Dr. Hossain serves as a course committee member in SOM and curriculum committee member of the Cell Biology program in GSBS. Dr. Hossain developed curriculum for four Ob/Gyn elective courses which were approved by the SOM elective course committee. He serves as faculty in the Ob/Gyn-sponsored Minimester. He is also playing a role in SOM admission over the years. He is assigned as director of the Human Embryology course in the JAMP program. At GSBS he is the course co-director for the CELL6222 course for graduate students. Recently he has been engaged with clinical laboratory science at SHP. His learners uniformly report the excellence of his teaching. Dr. Hossain has been formally and informally recognized and awarded for his dedicated contribution to teaching. Very recently (2020) his excellence in Teaching has been recognized by the Academy of Master Teacher (AMT). The passion and joy of teaching has been the driving force for his journey in academia. As a future goal, Dr. Hossain wants to share his knowledge and experience in medical education with his colleagues and educators at other institutions to help shape the national agenda for medical education by focusing the current drawbacks and future visions.

Like in the teaching track, he has earned national recognition in the clinical track by running state-of-the-art IVF laboratory at several academic and private institution including UTMB and for his innovations in the IVF field. He was honored by the American College of Embryologists for his contributions in the field of IVF (see CV). Dr. Hossain started working in IVF from 1980s when the IVF field was in infancy. His innovations contributed to the growth of IVF. From 2014 he is playing role as the custodian of the patents’ cryopreserved sperm and embryos at different level.

In reflection, Dr. Hossain sees that through teaching he was able to train many medical students, residents and fellows which he views as his greatest accomplishment. His greatest satisfaction arises from the gratitude of the patients whom he was able to provide a special gift, a baby, in their life through the power of IVF. The recognition of his scholarly contributions in the field of IVF is an achievement that he holds dear to his heart. There cannot be any better proof of his claims other than the testimonies of patients, students, peers and IVF community which he was able to earn.

Dr. Hossain was inducted into the Academy of Master Teachers in 2020.

Learner Types: JSSOM - Medical Students - Pre-Clerkship, JSSOM - Medical Students - Clinical Years, JSSOM - Residency/Fellowships, JSSOM - Graduate (NP - Midwife - Doctoral), GSBS Master's/Doctoral , SHP - Clinical Laboratory Sciences.

Assessment of Learners: Observed Structured Clinical Evaluations (OSCE).

Curriculum: Curriculum Design, Objectives.

Instructional Methods: Blackboard Courses, Interactive Teaching - Small Group, Problem-based Learning (PBL), Team-Based Learning (TBL).

Scholarship - Ed Research or Curriculum Innovation: Abstract Development.

Special Content: Faculty Development - Teaching Skills.