Texas Educator's Academies Collaborative for Health Professions - Southeast


Friday, May 3, 2024.

7:30-8:00 AMSign-In (Foyer), Poster Set-up (1st Floor Hallway), & Breakfast (Main Room 1.200/1.202)
8:00-8:15 AMWelcome & Opening Remarks, Main Room 1.200/1.202
8:15-9:15 AMPlenary Speaker: Elissa Hall, EdD, Director Advanced Digital Education at Mayo Clinic. Main Room 1.200/1.202
9:15-9:30 AMBREAK

Oral Presentations 2.206


Transitioning to Residency: Fourth Year Medical Student Concerns Explored
Sidra Qureshi, Amy Gonzalez, Shea Buckley, Bhavik Patel, Fatima Naqvi, UTMB

 A Longitudinal Financial Wellness Curriculum in Undergraduate Medical Education
Lama Abdurrahman, Baylor College of Medicine
 Reverse Engineering Vignettes for Case-base Learning: A New Tool in Education
Daesha Hendrickson, Katrina Jackson, UTMB
 Health Professions Education Programs in Homeless Care: A Scoping Review
Laura Witte, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Baylor College of Medicine
Workshop 2.220Beyond the Syllabus: Unveiling the Hidden Curriculum for Effective Education
Kathleen Everling, UTMB
Workshop 3.201Utilizing Virtual Patients for Training Students to Conduct Patient Interviews
Bruce Adcock, Richard Briley, UTMB
Workshop 3.206Overcoming Five Team Dysfunctions to Optimize Team Dynamics
Jolie Britt, Linessa Zuniga, Victoria Mitre, Baylor College of Medicine
Small Group Discussion 3.200Mind the Gap - Unmet UME Faculty Needs within CBME
Arindam Sarkar, Bich Dang, Baylor College of Medicine
Jennifer Swails, Shira Goldstein, UTHealth Houston McGovern Medical School
10:30-10:45 AMBREAK
Oral Presentations 2.206 
 Are you Malignant Hyperthermia (MH) ready? An IPE Experience
Daryl A. Gumban, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
 Advancing Interprofessional Competencies: A Large-Scale Mock Paging Activity
Amy Gonzalez, Sidra Qureshi, Shatoi King, UTMB
 Implementing Virtual Interprofessional Education to Strengthen the HIV Workforce
Melanie Goebel, Baylor College of Medicine
 Simulation-Based Training on Or Fires: An Interprofessional QI Initiative
Sabrenda Littles, Daryl A. Gumban, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
Oral Presentation 2.220
 Longitudinal Echocardiography Curriculum for Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Advanced Trainees
Joseph Knadler, Baylor College of Medicine/Texas Children's Hospital
 Improving Adolescent Sexual Health in the Pediatric Emergency Department
Ginny Kim, UTHealth Houston McGovern Medical School
 Fellow's Longitudinal Mentoring Needs: Perspective from the VA Quality Scholars Mandi Sonnenfeld, Michael E. DeBakery, Veterans Affairs Medical Center
 Essential Surgery Skills Course: A One Week Training Program to Prepare Surgeons for Humanitarian Deployment
Kala Pham, Baylor College of Medicine
Workshop 3.200Optimizing Psychological Safety in Learning Environment Using Inclusive Leadership
Gal Barak, Melina Corriveau, Anna Rueda, Baylor College of Medicine
Austin Weynand, UTMB
Workshop 3.206Leveling Up Medical Education: Gamification in Med Ed
Peggy Hsieh, Neha Muraly, UTHealth Houston McGovern Medical School
Small Group Discussion 3.201From Expectation to Impact: The Educator's Influence on Student Performance
Veronica Marciano, Julie E. Kutac, UTMB
11:45-1:15 PM

Lunch and Networking (Main Room 1.200/1.202)
& Poster Session Viewing (1st floor hallway)
All poster presenters should be with their poster by 12:15. Judging begins at 12:15. 

Oral Presentations 2.206
 Creating Healthy Communities Through Church-based, CHW-led Initiatives
Elizabeth Vaughan, UTMB
Monica Arano, Mi Promotor de Salud
Betty Nava, Valeria Lescano, UTMB and Mi Promotor De Salud
 What Residents "Take Home" from Stimulated Delivery of Life-altering News?
Nino Rainusso, Daniel Lemke, Texas Children's Hospital/Baylor College of Medicine
 Measuring "Dose Dependent" Responses to Arts and Humanities Activities
Andrew Childress, Sujal Manohar, Baylor College of Medicine
 Preparing Baccalaureate Nursing Students for Success
Jessica Miller, Carla Collier, UTMB
Oral Presentation 2.220
 An AI Powered Virtual Teenage Patient for History Taking Practices
Gayani Silva, Richard Briley, Bruce Adcock, Melissa Smith-Phillips, UTMB
 Practical AI-Driven Audio Enhancement for Medical Education Lectures
Richard Preble, UTMB
 Pilot Outcomes of Extracurricular Biodesign Training Program for Medical Students
Jay Gupta, Colton E. Andrews, Baylor College of Medicine
Workshop 3.206Professionalism: How to be Poised for Positivity
Imelda Tija, Ellen Friedman, Baylor College of Medicine
Alicia Kowalski, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
Workshop 3.201

Curriculum Development for Interprofessional Prehospital Emergencies Education
Amanda Jagolino-Cole, Tamia Garret, Shivika Chandra, Sushanth Aroor, Abigail Betner, UTHealth Houston McGovern Medical School
Mark Martyn, Dana Woodward, Victoria Texas Fire Department
Cristy Autry, Citizens Medical Center

Workshop 3.200Professional Identity Formation: Exploring Humanities in Medical Education
Unoma Akamagw, Susan Kirk, Valerie DeGregorio, Baylor College of Medicine 
2:15-2:30 PMBREAK & Snacks
(Main Room 1.202)
2:30-3:30 PMLarge Group Session (Student Panel)
Main Room 1.200/1.202
Sierra Cowan, University of Houston
Mohanad Albayyaa, UTMB
Sujal Manohar, Baylor College of Medicine
Richard Preble, UTMB
3:30-3:45 PMPoster Winners and Announcements
Main Room 1.200/1.202