Academy Committees


  • Advocacy Committee

    Team Mission Statement: The Advocacy Team will promote the Education Mission at UTMB by supporting educational excellence and interprofessional education through supporting the role of the educator at UTMB and the prestige of membership in the Academy.

    Team Lead: Cliff Snyder, MPAS, PA-C

  • Faculty Development Committee

    Team Mission Statement: The Faculty Development Team enhances Interprofessional Collaboration and Educational skills, the members, plan, develop, organize, and promote Journal and Book clubs, Workshop seminers, Grand Rounds, and conferences that include the two anchor events - The Spring Educational Symposium and Faculty Development Day.

    Team Lead: Cara Pennel, DrPH, MPH

  • Grants and Awards Committee

    Team Mission Statement: The AMT Grants and Awards Team will promote educational excellence in the UTMB community through the recognition and support of education scholarship.

    Team Lead: Zbigniew Gugala, MD, PhD

  • Membership and Standards Committee
    Team Mission Statement: The Membership and Standards team defines the criteria for AMT Membership. The team develops standards, the AMT Educator Portfolio template, portfolio scoring rubrics, and the model portfolio as reference guides. The team also establishes the process and procedures for application and renewal to the Academy. The team appoints and trains the Membership Selection Panel. Lastly, the team is tasked with annual review of the bylaws.

    Team Lead: Ashley Guillory, PhD

  • Mentorship & Consultation + CODE Committee

    Team Mission Statement: The Mentoring and Consultation team supports career development for the UTMB community of Educators through individual consultations, workshops, and online resources, especially pertaining to career advancement, recognition and mentoring.

    Mentoring and Consultation Team Lead: Patricia Lea, RN, DNP, MSEd, CCRN

    CODE Team Lead: Monique Ferguson, PhD