Mentoring is:

  • A professional and dynamic relationship
  • Aimed at advancing careers and career satisfaction
  • Mutually beneficial to both mentor and mentee

Mentoring pairs an experienced/expert faculty member with a less experienced person seeking career advancement or successful career entry, knowledge, skills, and growth.

The Mentor-Mentee Relationship:

  • Is recognized as a catalyst for career success.
  • May shape, encourage, nourish, and transform both parties, if a good relationship is established.
  • Is especially useful at the beginning of a career and at or prior to crucial points of career development.

Target Audience for this Presentation:

  • Possible Mentors: Senior Faculty, Advisors, Experts, Supervisors, Chairpersons, Division Directors
  • Possible Mentees: Students, Interns, Residents, Fellows, Junior Faculty