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Cheryl S Watson, MS, PhD

Cheryl S. Watson, MS, PhDAdjunct Member

Dr. Watson was a professor in the Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Department at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas. She received her PhD in Cell Biology from Baylor College of Medicine and completed postdoctoral fellowships in molecular biology of estrogen actions (at the National Institute for Medical Research, London England) and androgen actions (at the Population Council, Rockefeller Univ., NY). She also completed an Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine Fellowship at Drexel University. She served as a lecturer and small group leader in multiple courses in the School of Medicine and the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. Her general focus as a cell biologist wass on the interacting signaling pathways that mediate cellular responses to hormone-like ligands presented at the cell surface or to intracellular receptors. She was the Associate Director of the Toxicology Graduate Program. Her unique education interests include cross-disciplinary training for synthetic chemists and biologists, massively open on-line courses, and the use of virtual world computer technology in presenting biological and chemical science information to students and for public outreach activities.

Dr. Watson joined the Academy of Master Teachers in 2015.