AMT Faculty Member

Mansoo Ko, PhD Associate Professor
Department of Physical Therapy
School of Health Professions

Dr. Ko completed his PhD in the Rehabilitation Science program at the University of Florida in May 2006, before becoming a faculty member of University of Texas El Paso from 2006-2008 and the Angelo State University from 2008. Dr. Ko is also licensed PT in South Korea.

His professional goal is to establish a scientific framework to maximize the functional outcomes of gait training and gait measurements in older adults with neurological deficits.

Dr. Ko has specific research expertise associated with dynamic pressure, force and time information for gait and balance training and have been devoted to understanding the neuromuscular organization and control characteristics underlying bilateral coordination of the lower limbs during walking using motion capture equipment for adults with cancer, dementia, diabetes, and stroke. Currently, Dr. Ko is a director of the Motion Analysis and Physical Performance Laboratory, which is a state-of-the art laboratory of Center for Recovery, Physical Activity, and Nutrition in the School of Health Professions building.


Dr. Ko was inducted into the Academy of Master Teachers in 2021.