AMT Faculty Member

Patricia Fingerhut, PhD, OTRProfessor and Chair
Robert K. Bing Distinguished Professor
Department of Occupational Therapy,
School of Health Professions

Patricia Fingerhut, PhD is currently Professor and Chair for the Department of Occupational Therapy and School of Health Professions at University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, TX. Joining UTMB in 2004, she was Assistant Professor for the Department of Occupational Therapy and School of Health Professions.

Dr. Fingerhut as an occupational therapist, academic educator, and researcher in family-based practice has skills and experience which has helped her in a project aimed at reducing physical and mental health disparities in aging legally incapacitated individuals. The project is based in understanding the potential of clients who are legally incapacitated and the needed support of families or caregivers. Her extensive clinical experience involving children and families gives her the background to guide students in providing effective, compassionate, and culturally sensitive services to this population. She has developed an evaluation tool entitled the Life Participation for Parents (LPP®). The LPP provides therapists information to develop effective family-centered goals and research continues to establish the tool’s sensitivity to measure outcomes. A number of studies are now using the LPP to investigate family-centered questions in a variety of countries and languages.

Dr. Fingerhut was inducted into the Academy of Master Teachers in 2013.