UTMB Moody Medical Library Literature Searches

The librarians will use their expertise to select the right database and generate a list of references and abstracts (when available) tailored to your specific interests. If the topic is one of ongoing interest, the search can be set up as an alert so that regular updates are sent automatically.

Contact a Librarian

(409) 772-2372
8am - 5pm
Monday - Friday
Ask a Librarian

Turnaround Time
Although 24 hours is the departmental standard for finishing searches, most searches are started immediately and sent as soon as completed. Actual times may vary depending on time of receipt, staff availability, system availability and the complexity of the search.

Expert search assistance is also available for those wishing to do their own searches. Librarians will:

  • Help you choose the right resources for your search
  • Work with you to fine-tune your search strategies
  • Assist you in locating print and electronic resources
  • Be your advocate for issues relating to the library's collection
  • Help you find and use key bibliographic tools in your area
  • Answer any other information-related questions

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