Classroom & Technical Services

The professional staff in the Classroom & Technical Services department can help you find the rooms and equipment you need.

If you have questions about room reservations or available equipment, please call (409) 772-8980.

Also provided by Classroom & Technical Services:

Photography & Videography

Please ask the University Conferences & Events department about use of the following spaces:

  • Ballinger Mills Room
  • Caduceus Room
  • Levin Hall Dining Room
  • Marie Hall Dining Room
  • Rosenberg House & Guest Suites
  • Open Gates Conference Center

Contact Special Use Facilities 

Get Noticed

Advertise your event on our VISIX monitors, located outside each room available through Classroom & Technical Services.

Reserve Classrooms

See which rooms are currently available before requesting specific classrooms or auditoriums.

Class & Tech Room Availability

Reserve Study Rooms

Group study rooms are available at the Moody Medical Library.

Library Study Room Availability