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Portraits of History: Key Figures at UTMB

This site celebrates those who have propelled UTMB to the forefront of modern medicine. As the oldest medical school in the state, UTMB has improved healthcare for the people of Texas and around the world since 1891.

Albert G Clopton_smaller

Albert G. Clopton, MD (1828-1916)

Professor of Physiology

William Keiller_smaller

William Keiller, MD (1861-1931)

Professor of Anatomy

Seth M Morris_smaller

Seth M. Morris, MD (1867-1951)

Professor of Chemistry

John F Young Paine_smaller

John F. Young Paine, MD (1840-1912)

Professor of Obstetrics

Edward Randall_smaller

Edward Randall, Sr., MD (1860-1944)

Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics

Allen J Smith_smaller

Allen J. Smith, MD (1863-1926)

Professor of Pathology

James E Thompson_smaller

James E. Thompson, MD (1863-1927)

Professor of Surgery

Hamilton A West_smaller

Hamilton A. West, MD (1861-1931)

Professor of Medicine