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Date/Title of Talk

Thursdays 4 PM
Basic Science Auditorium 2.212



September 1, 2022
"SARS-CoV-2 Immune Evasion and Countermeasure Development" *HEC 3.206
Dr. Hongjie Xia
University of Texas Medical Branch
Pei-Yong Shi, PhD
September 15, 2022
"Understanding organism-wide coordination of growth by using spatiotemporal control of ribosome synthesis"
Dr. Elif Sarinay Cenik
University of Texas at Austin
Muge Kuyumcu-Martinez, PhD
September 16, 2022   *10:00am
"Single cell quantification of ribosome occupancy in early mouse development"
Dr. Can Cenik
University of Texas at Austin
Muge Kuyumcu-Martinez, PhD
September 22, 2022
"Nuclear organization by biomolecular condensates"
Dr. Ben Sabari
University of Texas Southwestern
Guy Nir, PhD
September 29, 2022
"Force-regulated integrin spontaneous conformational changes"
Dr. Yunfeng Chen
University of Texas Medical Branch
Muge Kuyumcu-Martinez, PhD
October 6, 2022  
*HEC 3.206
"Immunodominance and antigenic evolution - lessons learned from influenza and SARS-CoV-2"

Dr. Seth Zost
Vanderbilt University

Pei-Yong Shi, PhD
October 27, 2022
"Structures and functions of non-nonribosomal peptide synthetases"
Dr. Martin Schmeing
McGovern Medical School
Whitney Yin, PhD

October 31, 2022
"Mechano-Genomics: from Cell-State Transitions to Chromatin Biomarkers"

Dr. G.V. Shivashankar
ETH Zurich & Paul Scherrer Institute
Mike Sheetz, PhD
November 3, 2022   (Virtual Only)
"Balancing X-Chromosome Dosage in Hematopoietic Cells: Mechanistic Insights and Impact on Cancer"
Dr. Eda Yildirim
Duke University
Muge Kuyumcu-Martinez, PhD

November 10, 2022
"Chromatin-scaffolded phase separation in the nucleus"

Dr. Amy Strom
Princeton University
Guy Nir, PhD
November 17, 2022
"The cellular orchestra of stress, innate immune, and programmed cell death signaling in health and disease"
Dr. Parimal Samir
University of Texas Medical Branch
Muge Kuyumcu-Martinez, PhD
December 1, 2022  *** CANCELLED

January 5, 2023
"The Democratization of RNA Therapeutics: What it means for Infectious Diseases"

Dr. John Cooke 
Houston Methodist
Pei-Yong Shi, PhD

January 12, 2023
"C. elegans: platform for discovery about muscle assembly, maintenance, regulation & aging"

Dr. Guy Benian
Emory University

Andres Oberhauser, PhD

January 26, 2023    *12:00pm
"Optical structural cell biology - visualising protein assemblies in cells with super-resolution microscopy"

Dr. Mike Heilemann
Linda Kenney, PhD
January 26, 2023   *Virtual only
"Identifying common and rare regulatory variants in genetic disease"
Dr. Stephen Montgomery
Stanford University 
Michelle Ward, PhD
February 2, 2023
"Mechanical basis of human disease"
Dr. Shang Ma
University of Texas Southwestern
Yunfeng Chen PhD

February 9, 2023
"Mechanisms affected by Phospholipase D1 in the progression of neurogenerative states"

Dr. Balaji Krishnan
University of Texas Medical Branch
Muge Kuyumcu-Martinez, PhD

February 23, 2023 *Virtual Only
"Inferring gene regulatory divergence between humans and Neanderthals"

Dr. Tony Capra
University of California San Francisco
Michelle Ward, PhD
February 28, 2023
"How One Eukaryotic Cell Invades Another: Dissecting Invasion by Apicomplexa"
Dr. Li-av Segev Zarko
Stanford University
William Russell, PhD

March 9, 2023
"Overcoming Undruggable Targets Using Small Molecule Microarrays"

Dr. Bocheng Wu
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Pei-Yong Shi, PhD
Yunfeng Chen, PhD
March 21, 2023
"Genetic approaches to the p53 paradox"
Dr. Annika Wylie
University of Texas Southwestern
Junji Iwahara, PhD

March 23, 2023
“Structural insights into the dynamic assembly pathway and function of the spliceosome”

Dr. Reinhard Lührmann
Max Planck Institute for Multidisciplinary Sciences
Mariano Garcia-Blanco PhD
April 4, 2023
"Understanding metabolic disease through functional genomics"
Dr. Ewa Bielczyk-Maczyńska
Stanford University
Michelle Ward, PhD
April 6, 2023

"Collective Bacterial Motion on a Surface: Unexpected Insights into Antimicrobial Resistance"

Dr. Rasika Harshey
University of Texas Austin
Linda Kenney, PhD
April 11, 2023
"Investigating how homolog genome organization shapes gene regulatory programs"
Dr. Jumana AlHaj Abed
Harvard University
Linda Kenney, PhD
April 13, 2023 *Virtual Only
"Single cell multi-omic approaches to cardiac development and disease"

Dr. Sean Wu
Stanford University

Michelle Ward, PhD
April 20, 2023
"DNA methylation reprogramming in mammals"
Dr. Marisa Bartolomei
University of Pennsylvania
Linda Kenney, PhD
April 25, 2023
"Molecular mechanism of sound amplification"
Dr. Navid Bavi
University of Chicago
Petr Leiman, PhD
April 27, 2023
"EPAC signaling: Everything Everywhere All at Once"
Dr. Xiaodong C. Cheng
University of Texas Health Houston
Mark White, PhD
May 4, 2023
"Establishing advanced in vitro microphysiological platforms to evaluate cell and extracellular matrix remodeling"
Dr. Lauren Richardson
University of Texas Medical Branch Galveston 
Krishna Rajarathnam, PhD
May 11, 2023
"Codon-specific ribosomal pausing in antiviral stress response"
Dr. Yan Xiang
University of Texas Health San Antonio
Xuping Xie, PhD

May 18, 2023
"Mechanism of signal transduction across the bacterial cell envelope"

Dr. Anna Konovalova 
University of Texas Health Medical Center Houston
Linda Kenney, PhD
May 25, 2023
"From Interferon and Back Again: Antiviral Proteins for Treatments, Diagnostics and Vaccines"
Dr. Catherine Braun-Schein
University of Texas Medical Branch
Monte Pettitt, PhD
Date/Title of Talk

Thursdays 4 PM
Basic Science Auditorium
Speaker Host

September 2, 2021
"From Chip to Clinic: Integrating Advanced Physics and AI Approaches to Drug Challenging Targets"

Dr. Woody Sherman
Roivant Pharmaceuticals
Stan Watowich, PhD
September 16, 2021
"Using Single-Cell Proteomics and Transcriptomics to Understand Gene Regulation"
Dr. Nikolai Slavov
Northeastern Univ
Rovshav Sadygov, PhD
October 7, 2021
"Evolution in coronaviruses driven by RNA recombination hotspots"
Dr. Andrew Routh
Univ Texas Medical Branch
Mariano Garcia-Blanco, MD, PhD
October 21, 2021
"Biomolecular condensates as organizers of biochemistry in bacteria"
Dr. Seth Childers
Univ Pittsburgh
Linda Kenney, PhD
November 4, 2021
"AI in Drug Discovery, from the Clinic and Back"
Dr. Bissan Al-Lazikani
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Stan Watowich, PhD
November 18, 2021
"Insights into Human Microbiomes from Micron-Scale Spatial Organization"
Dr. Jessica Mark Welch
Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory
Stuti Desai, PhD
November 30, 2021
"Lord of the Broken Rings: how ATPase ring motors drive genome packaging in dsDNA viruses"
Dr. Marc Morais
Univ of Texas Medical Branch
Mariano Garcia-Blanco, MD, PhD

December 2, 2021
"Some assembly required: mechanistic studies of chromatin remodeling factors and histone chaperones"

Dr. Karolin Luger
Univ Colorado Boulder
Werner Braun, PhD
January 6, 2022
"Academic Drug Discovery: Challenges and Opportunities"
Dr. Zhiqiang An
McGovern Medical School
Pei-yong Shi, PhD
January 13, 2022
"SARS-COV-2 biology and countermeasure development"
Dr. Xuping Xie
Univ Texas Medical Branch
Mariano Garcia-Blanco, MD, PhD

February 3, 2022
"The impact of viral genetics on emergence, disease, ad safety of live attenuated vaccines for mosquito-borne chikungunya and Zika viruses"

Dr. Lark Coffey
UC Davis
Andrew Routh, PhD
February 17 , 2022
"Molecular regulation of muscle stem cell function"
Dr. Michael Rudnicki
Ottawa Health Research Institute
Stan Watowich, PhD

March 3, 2022
"Mechanistic Insights of latent tumor suppressors promoting pancreatic cancer progression through transcriptional reprogramming"

Dr. Karen Mann
Moffitt Cancer Center
Hubert Lee, PhD

March 17, 2022
"Super-resolution imaging of chromatin structure and dynamics in health and disease"

Dr. Melike Lakadamyali
Univ Pennsylvania
Guy Nir, PhD
April 7, 2022
"Global Optimization of Personalized Therapies for cancers, infectious diseases, and organ transplants"
Dr. Chih-Ming Ho
UCLA Samueli School Of Engineering
Michael Sheetz, PhD

April 14, 2022
"History dependent kinetics (memory) captured in sequential unfolding of polyproteins under tension"

Dr. Ronen Berkovich
Ben-Gurion University
Guy Nir, PhD

April 21, 2022
"Retrogenes and stranger things arising from host-virus interactions"

Dr. Nels Elde
Univ Utah
Michelle Ward, PhD

May 5, 2022
"TRIM5a:  Recognizing and Neutralizing the Retroviral Capsid"

Dr. Dmitri Ivanov
UT Health San Antonio
Petr Leiman, PhD

May 19, 2022
"Environmental regulation of Lysosome Rich Enterocyte function"

Dr. Michel Bagnat
Duke Univ
Linda Kenney, PhD

June 2, 2022
"Laboratory Diagnosis and Monitoring of Microbial Infections at Point of Care"

Dr. Yi-Wei Tang
Danaher Diagnostic
Pei-yong She, PhD
Thursdays 4 PM
Basic Science Auditorium
SpeakerTitle & Host
July 2, 2020Ridvan Nepravishta, PhD,
"Numerous reconciliations before divorce: The dynamic interactions of transcription factors with DNA”
Junji Iwahara
September 3, 2020Michelle Ward, PhD,
"Taking the genetic basis for the response to hypoxia in human cardiomyocytes to heart"
Kay Choi
September 10, 2020Bryan Sutton, PhD,
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC), Lubbock
"Structural Advancements toward understanding Ferlin proteins"
Mark White
September 24, 2020Frank Conlon, PhD,
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
"Mechanisms of Sex Disparities in Cardiac Development and Disease”
Michelle Ward
October 8, 2020Joshua Wythe, PhD,
Baylor College of Medicine
"Somatic KRAS Gain of Function in Sporadic Brain Arteriovenous Malformations"
Muge Martinez
October 22, 2020Amanda Whipple, PhD,
Harvard University
"Regulation of gene expression in the brain by imprinted non-coding RNAs"
Muge Martinez
November 5, 2020Paul de Figueiredo, PhD,
Texas A&M University
"Mechanisms controlling Brucella intracellular parasitism”
Bill Russell
November 19, 2020Weidong Wang, PhD,
National Institute on Aging, NIH
Mariano Garcia-Blanco
December 3, 2020Mehmet Sen, PhD, 
University of Houston
"Linking integrin shape-shifting with ligand interactions”
Mark White
December 10, 2020Michael Sherman, PhD, 
"Prospects of Cryo-EM at SCSB/UTMB"
Mariano Garcia-Blanco
January 14, 2021Rovshan Sadygov, PhD, 
"Protein Dynamics and Association Networks from LC-MS based Proteomics"
Mariano Garcia-Blanco
January 21, 2021W. Sam Fagg, PhD, 
"How does RNA Processing Influence Cell Fate Decisions?"
Mariano Garcia-Blanco
January 28, 2021Elena Volpi, MD, PhD
UTMB, Director of the Sealy Center on Aging
Mariano Garcia-Blanco
February 4, 2021Nikolai Prokhorov, PhD,
"Ins and outs: genome packaging and delivery in tailed bacteriophages"
Marc Morais
February 25 , 2021Douglas Paddon-Jones, PhD,
"Protecting muscle mass and health: aging, exercise and nutrition"
John Papaconstantinou
March 11, 2021Bill Copeland, PhD,
"The role of mitochondrial DNA polymerase in mtDNA deletions, disease and aging”
March 18, 2021Blake Rasmussen, PhD,
Mariano Garcia-Blanco
March 25, 2021David Miller, PhD,
Scripps Research Institute
Whitney Yin
April 1, 2021Kyriakos Markides, PhD,
"Aging and Health in Mexican Americans with Selected findings from the Established Population for the Epidepiological Study of the Elderly"
John Papaconstantinou
April 15, 2021Justin Brumbaugh, PhD,
Univ. Colorado Boulder
Eric Wagner
April 22, 2021Susan Schroeder, PhD,
University of Oklahoma
Marc Morais
April 29, 2021Barak Cohen, PhD,
Washington University School of Medicine
in St Louis
"Integration of local and regional cis-regulatory information in the genome”
Michelle Ward
May 6, 2021Whitney Yin, PhD,
Mariano Garcia-Blanco

SpeakerTitle & Host
September 5, 2019Wei Li, PhD,
Baylor College of Medicine
"Epigenetic Regulation of Cancer Driver Genes"
Eric Wagner
September 12, 2019Eliseo Eugenin. PhD,
"Role of cell to cell communication in NeuroHIV and Cancer"
Mark White
September 19, 2019Kristian Andersen, PhD,
The Scripps Research Institute
“Outsmarting Outbreaks – Using Genomics to Track Viruses”
Andrew Routh
September 26, 2019Tomas Cihlar, PhD,
Gilead Sciences
“Discovery and Development of Remdesivir, a Broad-spectrum Small Molecule Antiviral”
Pei-yong Shi
October 4, 2019
Guey-Shin Wang, PhD,
Institute of Biomedical Science, Taipei, Taiwan
“RNA toxicity induces post-translational dysregulation in myotonic dystrophy”
Muge Martinez
October 10, 2019Dean Scholl, PhD, 
“Engineered phage tail-like bacteriocins for human therapeutics”
Petr Leiman
October 17, 2019 RESCHEDULEDGideon Dreyfuss, PhD,HHMI, U. PennEric Wagner
October 24, 2019Michael Bressan, PhD, 
Muge Martinez
October 31, 2019  
November 7, 2019John Pascal, PhD, 
U. de Montreal
“Poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase enzymes: structure, regulation, and inhibition”
Whitney Yin & Zoe Hoffpauir
November 14, 2019Andrew Routh, PhD,
“Defective RNA virus genomes: passive interference or programmed enhancement?”
Mariano Garcia-Blanco
November 21, 2019Eric Wagner, PhD,
"Negative Regulation of Paused RNA Polymerase II: The value of a pair of scissors"
Mariano Garcia-Blanco
November 28, 2019Thanksgiving – No seminar 
December 5, 2019Lilei  Zhang, MD, PhD, 
Baylor College of Medicine
“Circadian regulation of cardiac remodeling”
Yumei Ye
December 9/10, 2019
December 12, 2019
Rich Roberts, PhD, 
New England Biolabs
Adrian R. Krainer, PhD, 
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
“Bacterial Methylomes” 
Mariano Garcia-Blanco 
Pioneering Biological Discovery Seminar 
December 19, 2019  


January   9, 2020Ken Dill, PhD, 
Stony brook
Monte Pettitt
January  16, 2020Kay Choi, PhD,
"How do flaviviruses find their own RNA genome for viral replication?"
Mariano Garcia-Blanco 
January 23, 2020Manny Ares, PhD, 
UC Santa Cruz
“Mechanisms that influence splicing decisions”
Mariano Garcia-Blanco 
January 30, 2020Jeffrey Chang, PhD
UT Health Science Center Houston
"Genomic dissection of metastatic breast cancer tumors"
Pei-yong Shi
February 6, 2020  
February 13, 2020Sandra Schmid, PhD,
UT Southwestern Medical Center
“Dynamin function:  Looking under and away from the lamp-post”
Michael Sheetz
February 20, 2020Nicholas S. Heaton, PhD,
Duke University Medical Center
"Tissue Specific Interferon Regulation and Effects on Influenza Virus Pathogenesis"
Mariano Garcia-Blanco 
February 27, 2020Lynn Zechiedrich, PhD,
Baylor College of Medicine
“Using supercoiling, sequence, and curvature to create nanoparticle DNAs for gene therapy”
Monte Pettitt
March 2, 2020
3:00 PM
MONDAY - Faculty Candidate
Jiajie Diao, PhD, 
University of Cincinnati
"Studying SNARE - mediated membrane fusion at the single vesicle level"
Linda Kenney
March 5, 2020Walter J Chazin, PhD, 
Vanderbilt University
“The core scaffolding of nucleotide excision repair machinery: From molecular mechanism to personalized medicine”
Junji Iwahara
March 12, 2020Margo Brinton, PhD, 
Georgia State University
"Both cellular and flaviviral specific factors determine the mode of induction and characteristics of stress granules"
Pei-yong Shi
March 19, 2020Paul de Figueiredo, PhD,
Texas A&M
"Mechanisms controlling Brucella intracellular parasitism"
Bill Russell
March 24, 2020
Christine Mayr, MD, PhD, 
Sloan Kettering Institute
Eric Wagner
April 2, 2020  
April 9, 2020  
April 16, 2020  
April 23, 2020  
April 30, 2020  
July 2, 2020Ridvan Nepravishta, PhD
“Numerous reconciliations before divorce: The dynamic interactions of transcription factors with DNA”
Junji Iwahara
August 31, 2018Dr. Jack Johnson,
The Scripps Research Institute
“Three Dimensional Structures of Viruses Determined by CryoEM: Past, Present, and Future”
Host: Dr. Andrew Routh
September 4, 2018Linda Kenney, PhD, Edna Hu, PhD,
Felix Margadant, PhD and
Michael Sheetz, PhD
“Super-Resolution Microscopy:
Discovering How Molecules Work In Vivo”

Special Seminar
September 6, 2018Dr. Junji Chen Host: Dr. Satya Prakash
September 13, 2018  
September 19, 2018
Dr. Erica Ollman Saphire“Broad ebolavirus and Lassa virus neutralization: key sites and engineering for improved activity”  
Host: Graduate Student Organization
September 27, 2018Dr. Lawrence Sowers"Developments toward the pharmacological management of glioblastoma"
Host: Dr. Wlodek Bujalowski
October 4, 2018Dr. Andrew Sikora“The chicken egg chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) as a versatile platform for cancer research”
Host: Dr. Stanley Watowich
October 11, 2018Dr. Tuli Mukhopadhyay“Our lab’s journey to inhibit Alphavirus assembly”
Host: Dr. Andrew Routh
October 18, 2018Dr. James C. Lee“Asymmetric structural- and energetic-landsacpe in regulating the nature of allostery in a homo-dimeric protein”
Host Dr. Kay Choi
October 26, 2018Dr. Yoel Sadovsky "Placental-maternal-fetal communication via packaged molecular signals" 
Host: Graduate Student Organization
November 1, 2018  
November 8, 2018  
November 15, 2018Dr. Eda Yildirim“Balancing X chromosome Dosage: Mechanistic Insights and Impact on Cancer”
Host: Dr. Muge Kuyumcu-Martinez
November 22, 2018THANKSGIVING 
November 28, 2018Dr. Ben Stanton"New insights into altered epigenetic repression and topology: studies of chromatin remodeling in cancer"
Faculty Candidate Seminar
November 29, 2018Dr. Richard Kuhn "Assembly, maturation and infectivity of flaviviruses"
Host:Dr. Pei Yong Shi
December 6, 2018Dr. Kristen Lynch"RNA Processing and the Human Immune System - a story of CELF control"
Host: Dr. Mariano Garcia-Blanco
December 20, 2018  
January 3, 2019  
January 10, 2019Dr. Philip Scherer "The Multifaceted Roles of Adipocytes: Therapeutic Targets for Diabetes and Beyond"
Host: Dr. Stan Watowich
January 15, 2019Dr. Jeffrey LiuFaculty Candidate Seminar
“G Protein-Coupled Receptor Biased Signaling Illustrated at Multiple Levels”
January 17, 2019Dr. Charles Brenner “Boosting Metabolism with Nicotinamide Riboside: Full Circle From Milk”
Host: Dr. Stan Watowich
January 22, 2019Dr. Shannon StephensFaculty Candidate Seminar
“Regulation and Function of Kisspeptin Neurons: lessons from mouse models”
January 24, 2019Dr. Adam Lauring“RNA virus mutation rates, another spandrel?”
Host: Dr. Andrew Routh
January 31, 2019Dr. William "Ted" DiehlFaculty Candidate Seminar
February 7, 2019Dr. Mythreye KarthikeyanFaculty Candidate Seminar
February 18, 2019
Monday 4PM
Dr. Rachel AreyFaculty Candidate Seminar
February 25, 2019
Monday 9AM
Dr. Anthony MustoeFaculty Candidate Seminar
February 28, 2019
Dr. Cunqi Ye“An unforeseen metabolic function for phospholipid and histone methylation”
Faculty Candidate Seminar
March 5, 2019
Tuesday 4PM
Dr. Michelle WardFaculty Candidate Seminar
March 14, 2019Dr. E. Brad Thompson"Glucocorticoids, Allostery and Apoptosis"
March 26, 2019Dr. Joyce Wong"The Henipavirus Cell Entry Machinery: from Structure to Function"
Faculty Candidate Seminar
March 28, 2019  
April 1, 2019 
Monday 4PM
Dr. Jennifer CashFaculty Candidate Seminar
April 4, 2019Dr. Satya Prakash“Roles and mechanisms of human translesion synthesis DNA polymerases” 
Host: Dr. Wlodek Bujalowski
April 18, 2019Dr. Yu-Hsiu (Eric) Wang"Phosphoinositides, actin and DNA repair: Roles of nuclear phosphoinositides in early DNA damage signaling"
Host: Michael Sheetz
April 25, 2019  
May 2, 2019Dr. Micah Luftig“A New Temporal Model for EBV-Mediated B-Cell Transformation”
Host: Dr. Mariano Garcia-Blanco
May 9, 2019  
May 16, 2019  
May 23, 2019  
May 30, 2019  

Seminar Series Contact Information


Dr. Kay Choi
Phone: (409) 747-1402
Route: 0647