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Graduate Program

  • Admission to Candidacy

    B&MB doctoral students apply for candidacy after the qualifying examination has been successfully completed. The Evaluation Committee will evaluate the student's complete academic performance and will present its recommendation to the full Faculty regarding the student's advancement to Candidacy. The full Faculty will vote on a recommendation. The Program Director will inform the Dean of the Graduate School in writing that the student has performed satisfactorily and, therefore, is eligible for advancement to Candidacy for the PhD degree.

    Standards for the PhD degree in BMB

    • Candidates should demonstrate a general knowledge of modern biological sciences and a detailed knowledge of their area of research.
    • Candidates should be familiar with the research literature of their particular area of research, should keep abreast of major developments and have the ability to acquire a working background in any area of biological research.
    • Candidates should demonstrate skill in the recognition of significant problems and questions in their research area.
      Candidates should demonstrate technical and analytical skills in the laboratory.
    • Candidates should have acquired oral, written and other scientific communication skills.
    • Candidates should have demonstrated competence in designing experimental protocols, thinking independently and conducting productive self-directed research.
    • Candidates should complete degree requirements in a timely fashion.
    • Candidates should understand and practice professional and ethical standards of behavior.
  • Defense of Dissertation
    1. After admission to Candidacy, the student may register for Dissertation (BMB 6099). A Dissertation is required of every Candidate and it must be an original contribution to scholarship based on independent investigation.
    2. At least part of the Dissertation research shall be submitted for publication in peer-reviewed journal(s) prior to the student leaving the laboratory for a future position.
    3. Copies of the Dissertation shall be made available to the Supervisory Committee in sufficient time prior to the final oral examination to enable the members of the Supervisory Committee to evaluate its' contents. This time should normally be one month.
    4. The final oral examination may cover the contents of the Dissertation and the general field of the Dissertation, as well as other areas that are part of the student's Program. Successful completion of the Defense is indicated by signature of the Supervisory Committee on the Signature Page of the Dissertation and the "Report of the Final Oral Examination".
    5. Just prior to the Final Oral Examination, the Candidate in BMB shall present a public seminar on the topic of the dissertation.

    Steps for Defense of Dissertation

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  • Qualifying Exam

    The BMB Qualifying Exam is a combination written exam and oral exam administered in the spring semester of the 2nd year. The exam is an NIH style proposal based on the student's research project, followed by an oral defense of the proposal. The qualifying exam must be passed before admission to candidacy can be granted.