Seth Scott

November Spotlight

Seth Scott - Kay Choi Lab

My research focuses on how the Hepatitis C Virus balances viral translation and RNA synthesis by the competition between miRNA-122 and Poly-C Binding Protein 2 binding to the 5’ Untranslated Region of the virus. I want to better understand the mechanisms viruses use to react to complex stimuli with their limited number of proteins and genetic material. After graduate school I hope to continue my studies in the structure of virus components in a postdoc, potentially going back to the NIAID. My interest into science was fostered at a young age. My father is a veterinarian pathologist and biomedical science was normal table-talk at dinner while I was growing up. When I was able to intern at the NIAID, Rocky Mountain Labs in Hamilton, MT it cemented my interest in research. UTMB has been a great place for my graduate studies; I enjoy the relaxed island lifestyle that was unique amongst the programs I interviewed with. My advice to new students is to cultivate a hobby and focus on work-life balance to avoid burnout. For me I unwind with hikes through the Sam Houston National Forest if I can get away from the island and otherwise enjoying a good book or board game.