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Introducing Blackboard Ultra Base Navigation (UBN)!

It is a modern, intuitive navigation menu that lives outside of courses. It includes links to new pages that provide quick access to the most critical information consolidated from all your courses. UBN does not affect the current look and feel of your courses. There are new features and functionality to explore. UBN also provides a path to the full Ultra experience.

We will continue to use Original Courses (except for pilots/early adopters). Starting Spring 2024 semester, we encourage schools and users to begin exploring Ultra courses. This will be done with Ultra sandboxes and training resources.

Please see our Ultra timeline below and note there is no set date for a full transition.

  • Spring 2024 Explore Ultra Courses 
    AC provides Ultra Sandboxes and Ultra Resources. AC encourages schools/programs to pilot Ultra course(s) for Summer 2024. AC works with groups to facilitate and support pilots.
  • Summer 2024 Ultra Courses for Pilot Groups
  • Fall 2024 Ultra Courses supported. Choice of Ultra or Original Courses.

Resources on this page include Ultra Base Navigation, Original Courses, Ultra Courses, and Training

Ultra Base Navigation
Original Courses
Ultra Courses

Training and Resources

Anthology Community (formerly Blackboard Community)

A place for Blackboard users to collaborate and engage with Blackboard users from all around the world. Joining the Anthology Community gives users access to Ultra groups including webinars, recordings, slides, and documentation.

Ultra Experience Tutorial Video Playlist

This extensive video playlist provides short tutorials for Ultra Base Navigation (UBN) and the Ultra course experience in Blackboard Learn. New content gets added frequently.

Webinars (Live and OnDemand)

Consider attending an official Blackboard Ultra webinar.

Teaching in Blackboard Learn Ultra Webinar Series

Sessions include:

  • Blackboard Learn Ultra Basics
  • Grading and Managing the Gradebook in Learn Ultra
  • Creating Assessments in Learn Ultra
  • Improving Student Engagement in Learn Ultra
  • Blackboard Learn Ultra Best Practices
  • 5 Tips for Accessibility in Digital Content
  • Getting Started with Base Navigation

Teaching in Learn Ultra: OnDemand

90-minute session

Topics include:

  • How easy it is to create native content in Learn Ultra courses
  • Best practices for collaborative learning, engagement, and the overall student experience
  • Why Learn Ultra course-based analytics can support class retention, student success, and easier grading processes

Best Practices in Learn Ultra: OnDemand

60-minute session

A panel discussion featuring winners of Anthology's Exemplary Course Program, an award that recognizes and promotes best practices in online course design and delivery. The panel of Exemplary Course Program award recipients share their winning courses recognized for demonstrating best practices in course design, interaction and collaboration, assessment, and learner support.

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