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ETA - Educational Technologies Group

Academic Computing provides and supports many of the educational technologies and resources for the academic area. Though the main area of support is to our schools, many of our applications are available for use campus wide.

The Educational Technology Administrators (ETA) group is one of the resources used to share information about our applications.

ETA Membership

The ETA Group is led by Academic Computing. Members are considered as liaisons for their areas of support and consist of personnel (school staff, faculty and technical), power users, system admins (Academic Computing), and ITS reps. Membership includes access to our Teams space.

Meetings and Communications

Bi-weekly on Thursdays (unless communicated otherwise)
2:00 - 3:30 pm
Microsoft Teams

Meetings are recorded and attendance is not required although welcomed and appreciated. Our Teams space includes a notebook with running and past agendas.  Members are also added to our email distribution list which is used to share application downtime, issues, and other important information. We ask that the information be passed onto your areas of support, if applicable.

ETA Purpose

The purpose of this group is to provide a collaborative environment to share information about our applications and to work as a team to support the educational needs of our schools.

Academic Computing reports application updates, new features, and bugs. We also share product implementation plans which include timelines, train-the trainer sessions and end-user resources. 

The group is encouraged to discuss successes and difficulties with learning technologies and to participate in pre-testing new tools and apps in preparation to go-live occasions. 

Contact us via if you are interested in joining the group, want to attend a meeting or have any questions.

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