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Resident Karen Welch, MD and Barbara Thompson, MD doing a demonstration during a student workshop
Victor Sierpina, MD performing acupuncture


The integrative medicine curriculum at UTMB Health was developed systematically over the past fifteen years and is structured around standard curricular elements. Integrative medicine is included in all four years of the medical curriculum, as well as in the nursing and health professionals' curricula. In 2015 we also launched an Integrative and Behavioral Medicine Fellowship.


We offer a large curated collection of resources, including links, databases, articles, and lectures. We also periodically review books on integrative-related topics.


The information on this website is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered a recommendation or endorsement of any particular medical treatment. This website also does not provide a listing of, nor does it endorse, any particular healthcare providers.


Complementary and Integrative Medicine
Elective (FAMU-4019)

This 4-week elective (2 weeks for residents) is taught by one of our Integrative Medicine faculty: Victor Sierpina, MD, Kyu Jana, MD, Samuel Mathis, MD or Julie McKee, MD. Students should report to the Primary Care Pavilion on the first day of the course as arranged.

Required texts are V. Sierpina's Integrative Health Care – Complementary and Alternative Therapies for the Whole Person and N. Remen's Kitchen Table Wisdom. Other required reading materials will be provided.

Activities include clinical site visits, scheduled seminars, book club, lectures, writing a paper, and other activities. 

For more information, please contact the course coordinator, Shannon Samuelson.


Victor Sierpina, MD
Kyu Jana, MD
Victor Sierpina, MD
Kyu Jana, MD
Samuel Mathis, MD
Juliet McKee, MD
Samuel Mathis, MD
Juliet McKee, MD

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