The Post-Baccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP)

Are you interested in getting a PhD in the biomedical sciences and desire additional research training before applying?

This certificate program is designed for students belonging to a socioeconomic or underrepresented racial or ethnic group who have received or will soon receive a bachelor's degree and desire to pursue a PhD in the biomedical sciences but want additional research training and skills development. It is designed to "immerse" students in an active research lab where the excitement of biomedical research is obvious and nurtured with the hopes of encouraging them to pursue doctoral training in the biomedical sciences.

If this sounds like our PREP Flyer!

Applicants typically apply for a June start date, with higher consideration if submitted earlier starting February 1; application deadline is May 14, 2021. The anticipated start date for 2021 may be Fall 2021 rather than June and applications are being accepted and considered until all training positions are filled.

PREP Course Schedule

For further information and application materials, please contact: