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VISIX is the preferred digital signage and meeting minder software on campus. This all-in-one digital signage and meeting minder software solution uses intuitive menus, simple wizards and step-by-step instructions to guide users through a streamlined process to publish content to traditional multi-zone layouts. Creating a message is as simple as filling out a form; instructive prompts make importing media files a breeze; and calendar-based scheduling simplifies publishing. People with minimal design or technology experience can create engaging messages using VISIX tools and templates or easily import graphics and media from other sources like PowerPoint. Licensing is scalable to the number of players you need, and a variety of plug-ins can be added to the software to maximize your options. With basic training and mid-tier IT support, you can get your screens online and start publishing content the same day.

Fees: One time Visix licensing fees is $1,350 per sign. There is also an ongoing monthly fee of $45 per sign. This monthly fee covers ISVO Support, Annual service software maintenance and unlimited Visix training. Content creation and loading is not included nor provided by ISVO. Hardware solutions are additional fees: The PC used to run the sign is leased from IS desktop services at $27 per month and the TV itself can range in price from approximately $750 to $1000. There will also be normal installation and other infrastructure fees (Data Jack) as applicable.

Please email ISVO at or call (409) 772-5200 for a digital signage solution quote.

Visix has recently transitioned to a web-based Learning Management System (LMS) for training. If you would like web based training, please register by clicking on this link. Visix Web based training Please use UTMBHEALTH082015 as the Registration Code.