Manage Your Devices

Device management allows you to easily edit and add new devices.


  • Authentication
    If enabled by your administrator, the authentication prompt will display a "Manage Devices" button. To manage your devices, select a device to use, choose an authentication method, and complete second factor authentication. You can't get in to the device management portal if you do not have access to any enrolled devices; you'll need to contact your Duo administrator for help.
  • Enroll Another Device
    Clicking Enroll another device will walk you through a few steps to get Duo Mobile installed and activate your new device.
  • Activate Duo Mobile

    Clicking Activate Duo Mobile in the actions dropdown helps you get an existing device setup to complete secondary authentication.

    After answering some questions about your device, you will receive a new QR code to scan which will complete the activation process.

  • Change Device Name

    Clicking Change Device Name will open up an interface to change the display name of your phone.

    After successfully modifying your phone's name, not only will you see this from now on when managing devices, but it will also be how your phone is identified in the authentication dropdown.

  • Remove Device

    The device manager also lets you remove your devices. If you are unable to delete a device, contact your administrator to have it removed.

    Note: You may not remove your last device. If you wish to remove it, first add another, then delete the original.

    Hardware tokens are also listed in the device manager and can be removed as well.

  • Set Default Device
    If you authenticate with more than one device, you can specify which you would like to be the default. In the list of actions, simply click Set as Default and that device will be moved to the top of the list making it your default device for authentication.